Don’t compare your ‘real life’ with someone else’s ‘controlled online content’

What’s on your social feed?


If you eat food in an expensive restaurant and not post it on social media you’re someone exceptionally uncommon. It has nothing to do about being a foodie, We never post dosas made by mom even if the chutney was extraordinary that day, It is simple, you had food in a restaurant which is expensive and you just want validation for your action from friends & followers, you just want to show it off. Simple as that.

I don’t feel ashamed to eat Idlies and I don’t feel proud because I have American Chopsuey some day. I feel food is still a necessity. Prioritizing food which are aesthetically pleasing says you order it mainly for the photographs.


Nowadays, A Keventers Milkshake is a milestone to the youth. It has almost become mandatory to post a story with a Keventers Bottle whenever you consume it.

What does it actually do to others? How does the picture of the drink you are gonna consume do something useful for the people viewing it?

Showing you can afford a
‘200 bucks milkshake’ or a ‘300 bucks Caffe Latte’ ?
Or making others jealous?
Or giving a free advertisement for Keventers or Starbucks?


Posting their FDFS tickets or the entry scene of movie star gives you pride?
Assuming out of 6,000 Single screens & 2,000 multiplex screens in India, an average Indian movie starring a big star gets around at least 2,000 screens for release. With an average seating capacity of 300 per theatre & assuming 90% occupancy on Day 1 with, say 4 shows, this feat is achieved by at least 20 Lakh people.

If it’s not about pride, what’s the purpose? Are ‘Title display scene’ & ‘Hero entry scene’ on your stories the need of the hour?


The most mandatory post that finds a place in ppl’s social platform. A pic with a celebrity! Doesn’t matter if you’re truly their fan or not, we just feel like capitalising on their popularity to gain some validation on our post. Doesn’t matter how bad they look in that picture. People just can’t think about anything else until they post it. I don’t know if anyone can even avoid posting them.


And there comes the new two wheeler posts. As soon as you take delivery of your vehicle it must find a place in your social feed & there’s a post for reaching the milestone of 500 Kms & for every fancy number thereafter & those shitty speedy recovery posts for your bike getting sick after an accident.

Hill station drive, Driving in the deserted roads at night, Reaching your max speed limit in the highways, if you say all this truly gives you happiness, I would say you’re not completely happy until you show it off to your friends on social media.


Driving a car with music-on on a rainy day or while enroute to some destination is something so magical. There’s a mandatory video post for this activity. Thanks for letting us know that you are on a car, and your car has an audio system.

Tweet dedicated to all those people.


Gone are the days where people posted Food in their Dinner plates. There’s a new category now.
Chicken Dinner (Winning position) in PUBG (An online multiplayer battle royale game) is the new trend. Its not an exceptional feat. A small kid can do it.

Captions have become a synonym for irrelevance nowadays.
Sometimes its a message for their ex lover.
Sometimes its a motivational quote.
Why such a caption on your own picture?
And those numerous irrelevant hashtags to increase the reach for the picture.

Why do we do all this?

Our thinking has come to a state
where not capturing the day-to-day experiences
& posting them on our social feeds
is like
not having lived such an experience at all.

The irony is, the same people post next day
“Live the moment” etc.

Why do we show things to hundreds of other people who have nothing to do with that.
We have just become a part of the crowd. We find it OKAY because million other ppl are doing the same stuff. If several others are doing it, it must be right. It must be something cool. So why not us?

By adapting to the trend, there’s deceptive display in people’s social feeds. People just tend to stretch their ‘way of being’ to such an extent that, as a result, things on photo sharing platform aren’t reflecting their actual lifestyle.

Social media has become a playground for attention seekers and braggarts.